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90% don’t know the right use of Curd

90% don’t know the right use of Curd
  • Aug 14th, 2019
  • By Admin

Talking about the skincare regime is quite difficult for all. Though homemade products are very effective the process is relatively slow. Our skin is the most delicate and soft skin of our body. We must take care of our skin rigorously.

So, we will go step by step. Our skin is made up of many layers. So to nourish the rearmost layer of our skin, we should moisturize our skin twice a day. Take the apt amount of moisturizer on your fingertips and massage your face for 10-15 seconds. Make sure you apply your moisturizer in an upward motion because there is a fact that when we apply our moisturizer in the downward direction, our skin also pulls down due to the gravitation force.

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Every Indian knows all the perks of curd (‘dahi’). Curd is full of good bacteria that help your skin glow by nourishing it from within. Full of protein, calcium and vitamin D, curd for skin improves your complexion. Its anti-inflammatory properties aids in reducing acne. The antioxidants present in this super-food heals dry skin. The only side effect is gorgeous skin. Who doesn’t want all these perks at one ingredient?

For moisturizing your skin:

All you have to do is take one tablespoon of curd in a bowl, squeeze some lemon, add a lit bit of gram flour ( ‘besan’) and add vitamin E capsule and mix it well and make sure your paste should be not too thick not too thin. Make paste light and little bit runny so that it will become easy to apply on face. Before applying this magical paste, wash your hands and face with cold water and on wet face apply the magical paste. Let it dry for 20 minutes and after that take some water and dab on the paste so that it will become soft and loose. Now with your clean hands start rubbing the mask slowly, this will remove all your dirt, blackheads, whiteheads, improves complexion all at once.

For pimples/acne:

If you are going through puberty than definitely, you will experience acne, pimple problems. But we have got the rescue for that also, ‘CURD’. All you need is to take a bowl. Add 2 teaspoons of orange peel powder, 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of ground masoor dal, 2 tablespoons of curd. Mix it well and apply it on your clean face and leave it for 15 minutes. Repeat it once a week and see your acne diminish in no time. It also helps to correct the complexion and clean all the dirt of our face.

For removing tan:

Yes, the curd is the best ingredients for removing tan. If you follow all the procedures properly. Curd contains vitamin D which rejuvenates skin by supplying essential nutrients. Curd is rich in lactic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid that helps in dissolving dead skin cells and exposing the healthier under-layer to the surface which gives a natural glow to your skin. For removing tan, you take 3 tablespoons of curd and if you can get your hands on some chamomile essential oil, nothing like it. If not, you can use the juice of 1 cucumber instead. Apply on your face and rest for 15 minutes. You can repeat this every day till your skin feels supple and even tone again.

Curd is best for soothing your skin. It has that cooling sensation which helps to maintain the PH level of the skin.

Most of the women don’t know the right products for their skin. Thy end-up buying high brands or costly brand which doesn’t suit them at once. Despite all the new skincare products and trends being available in the market, women remain unsatisfied with their skin.

They can see the right ingredients next to their kitchen. All you need to do is search for your skin type. I mean, it’s oily, combination, normal, dry. Then search for a product, what your skin needs the most. If your skin is oily then after washing your face apply green tea toner. I too had oily skin, so I prepared home-made toner.

To make a toner, all you need to do is take one pot boil water and add 2 tablespoons of green tea. When it is cool, strain it in a cup and store it in a tight container. The remaining tea you can apply on your face and let them do their wonders.

After applying toner, you can go for moisturizer. You have to find a moisturizer for your own. It’s tried and error process. I can’t tell you that if this moisturizer suits me it will give you the same pleasure. It happens very rarely.

I’m not writing here how to get or improve your complexion. If these tips help you I will feel that I manage to share something very important as every people are going through this. All skin colors are beautiful, love yourself a little bit more for what you are, be happy and learn from your failures. If you want to look beautiful, start loving all your flaws and spread love and smile to every person you meet. You can thank me later.

If you want good skin then you have to eat and stay that healthy. Eating green vegetables, fruits, fish helps you to get good skin as well as good hair. Drinking lots of water or eating vegetables and fruits which contain lots of water will help you the most.

I have written a blog on healthy tips and motivation which will help you and you will be benefited from the tips. So please do check that blogs for more exciting tips.